Credit Counselling

Why Choose Our Canadian Debt Help & Counselling Services
Before we dive into telling you about ourselves and how we help, we should first start off by making sure you know what credit counselling is.

What is Credit Counselling?
The simple answer is that credit counselling helps you improve your financial situation. Some people need help with budgeting their money better, other people have concerns about their credit, and many people want help to deal with their debts. Regardless of your situation, credit counselling looks to solve your problems and help you get ahead.

What is a Credit Counsellor?
A Credit Counsellor is a person who provides the credit counselling. They help you find solutions to your financial challenges and problems. This is, however, where it can become a bit complicated because there are no mandatory educational requirements for Credit Counsellors in Canada. For professionals who are committed to being qualified Credit Counsellors, many will further their education through the Accredited Financial Counsellor Canada Program and become accredited after completing 1,000 hours of financial counselling.