Bankruptcy Information Canada - Alternatives, Credit, Debt Help, Law, Process and Types

Useful information about declaring personal bankruptcy in Canada. Learn about the rules, laws, regulations, how to file, how bankruptcy affects credit, what happens to debts and more.

Declaring personal bankruptcy is the first thing many Canadians think of when they find themselves facing financial difficulty. However, bankruptcy is a big decision and one which will affect your credit for a number of years. There are a lot of alternatives to bankruptcy that many people don't think of right away, like a consumer proposal, debt settlement, debt consolidation and a debt management program to name a few.

While going bankrupt is a good decision for some people, it's not usually anyone's best first option when dealing with insolvency or debts. Two things to note are that there are costs associated when you apply for bankruptcy and your bankruptcy filing will become public record. It is in your best interest to be well informed before you make a serious decision about your financial future.