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Debt Relief Options


Consumer Proposals

A legally binding agreement which stops garnishments and offers protection from creditors and debt collectors. This solution consolidates multiple debts, freezes interest charges and protects your assets. You negotiate and agree to pay a portion of what you owe, and your creditors agree to forgive the balance.


Credit Counselling

A voluntary agreement between you and your creditors to reduce monthly payments. Typically, you sign a contract with a credit counseling agency who negotiates with creditors on your behalf to lower interest, however not all creditors must participate and there is no reduction in the total principal.


 Consolidation Loans

If you have good credit you may qualify for a Consolidation Loan allowing you to pay off a number of liabilities and unsecured debts, combining them into one larger debt, usually with more favorable pay-off terms: a lower interest rate, lower monthly payment or both.



Governed by the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act, bankruptcy is a formal process whereby debtors who cannot meet their obligations sign over all of their assets—except those exempt by law—to a Licensed Insolvency Trustee (LIT). The LIT's role includes selling off those assets to satisfy outstanding debts.

Our Impact

Significanlty reducing your overall debt.

Reducing your debt payments.

Giving our clients a fresh start .

Top of Mind Topics


Bankruptcy is not the only option.

While most people believe they never want to file for bankruptcy, they don’t actually know why they believe this. While bankruptcy is right for some people there are many people who should take advantage of other alternatives. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the reasons why bankruptcy should be your last choice.


Get your credit score for free.

There are 2 main credit reporting agencies in Canada: Equifax & TransUnion. Each of them provides different services and options for free information as well as paid subscriptions. We have found that there are 3rd party services that will provide you with FREE Credit Scores and Credit Reports for both of these services.


What kind of DEBTS can be reduced?

A common question we get at Debt Medic is what kind of debts can we help people get reduced and included in our program. This is not meant to be a complete list of debts but should cover most of the main debts that people have. 


Less Stress Vehicle Payments

In our experience, most people get a vehicle that is far too expensive for their budget. Just because a bank or dealership says you “qualify” does not mean that you can make it comfortably fit into your budget. Remember you still have to pay for insurance, fuel, and ongoing maintenance. 


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Consumer Proposal

"Thanks to the team at Start Fresh, I was able to significantly reduce my debt and my payments. They have put me into a position where I believe I have a future now. I feel better and more optimistic about the future."

Get Professional Help

If you feel overwhelmed, stressed out, and feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders, call us. We can provide the help you need to get back your life. To feel good again. To start fresh.


Canadian Financial Statistics 


This is the average amount of credit card debt that each Canadian carries. 


Canadians carry $22,000 in non-mortgage debt on average, according to Equifax, which includes credit cards, lines of credit and installment loans.


The household debt-to-income ratio now stands at 169.4, up 23 per cent from a decade ago, and on par with what the US saw at the peak of its housing bubble. 

40 Years

Don’t forget, a credit card balance of as ‘little’ as $6,000 can take more than 40 years to pay off if only the minimum payments are made.)



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